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Hi, i am Mario, the owner of Portland Barbers!

A little about me: I am 50 years old & I have been a Hair stylist/ Barber for 30yrs starting in Birmingham.

By the time i was 25yrs old i had opened my 2nd salon in Birmingham. I later sold them in 1999.

I came to Manchester in 2009 as i wanted to get into the industry again after having a short break & the building which i owned with my business parner was the perfect launch point to create a fresh unique space.

My Style of barbering is blending classic skills with creative cutting. I also have been cut throat shaving for 10yrs & it is my favorite skill to teach.


Hello! I'm Vincent. I am an Italian barber with 9 years of experience, specializing in short and long scissors haircuts.

I love my job and I'm focused on it to give my best always.



Jordan (Barber bLENd)

Jordan (Barber bLENd) is a barber who joined the Portland barbers family back in 2019.

Jordan joins us with 4 years experience working at many different shops around Manchester.

He specializes in his fading techniques with a sharp cut throat finish to have your hair looking extra fresh!

Cutting all different hair types from Caucasian to Afro.

Paying very close attention to detail to have you leaving the shop with that photo finish look!




Hello, my name is Roger & I’m from Madrid (Spain).

I’ve been a barber for 4 years & I have worked in many different cities like Barcelona, Liverpool and Manchester.

I’m specialize in skin fading, scissor over comb technique, hair styling and hot towel shaving. 

Barbering has been my passion from a young age. I love interacting with customers and I’m constantly trying to excel in my job to offer the best customer experience and results.

Instagram: whifly88

Jack Jarvis (jarvomvita)

I’m a barber from Manchester & I've been cutting since 2016.

I’ve worked In a unisex salon for 5 years tackling many longer hairstyles with a clean finish.

I specialise in all types of fades especially skin fades with a sharp shape up and scissor cuts.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jarvomvita/?hl=en-gb

The Portland Barbers @ Hatch, Manchester

Unit 22

Hatch Court, Oxford Road


Greater Manchester



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